Welcome to the AP Econ review wiki!

In your syllabus under the Evaluation heading, you will see a category of Performance tasks that is worth 25% of your grade. This wiki is that performance task. It will be divided into several separate grades.

Here's the short version of what you'll be doing--building a course outline on these pages. There is one page dedicated to each of the six units we've studied in AP Econ. Your outline should be complete with every topic, definition and graph you would expect to find in a comprehensive summary of this course. In addition, you'll need to find articles on the web that relate to these topics and link them in the appropriate places; once linked, you'll need to comment on these articles in your blog. Other students will respond to your analysis with analyses of their own.

I will track and assess your individual contributions through the history pages I can access. I will be able to see where you've added new content, where you've corrected someone else's content, and even where you've edited for grammar and spelling errors.

Your content must be:
  • in your own words--you may not cut and paste content from other websites. This is easy to check by running these wiki pages through Turnitin.com, so please use your best re-phrasing skills.
  • documented with a reference. I'm not teaching a research paper, so you don't need to find all the publication information on your sources. If it's our textbook, just put McConnell & Brue and the page numbers, and I'll get it. If it's a website, just link it. If it's something else, give the author, title & year (Charles Wheelan, Naked Economics, 2002).
If you have a question about what you're doing, try posting it to the discussion boards. If you don't get a satisfactory answer, email me at: moellern@fultonschools.org

This isn't just for a fall semester grade--this is a way for you to stay involved in AP Econ through spring semester when you'll need to remember this information for the AP test. I'll post questions, problems and links to this site from time to time so you can keep your AP Econ skills up-to-date!

Mrs. Moeller

Here are links to each unit:

Unit One--Basic Economic Concepts
Unit Two--Measurement of Economic Performance
Unit Three--National Income and Price Determination
Unit Four--Financial Sector
Unit Five--Inflation, Unemployment, Stabilization Policies and Growth
Unit Six--International Economics